Torn between a road bike and a mountain bike...A Dual Sport or a Hybrid may be the right choice for you!

Dual Sports truly allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds!

They give you the opportunity to own a single bicycle capable of off-road trail riding while demonstrating the characteristics you want in a commuter or town ride. These bikes allow you quickly get to your destination, regardless of what stands in the way.

Dual Sport key features:

  • Moderate clearance in the frame and fork allowing for wider tires if you choose to upgrade to better fit an off-road riding preference.  

  • Larger diameter wheels in a 700cm (29") size and thinner-width tires featuring a low tread profile designed for a smaller contact area and less resistance for better power transfer and efficient pedaling over longer distances.

  • Fender and rack mounts allowing for panniers and fenders if you'll be using your new ride for commuting to work or hauling groceries home from the store.

  • Mid-level models usually feature a lockout on the front shock to emulate a fully rigid bicycle, often desirable when traveling longer distances on paved roads.

Hybrids are incredibly fast, comfortable, and best of all, affordable!

If the idea of venturing off the pavement is something you're just not interested in, yet a road bicycle is too agressive or expensive for your taste, a hybrid may be your match made in heaven. 

Trek 7.9 FX carbon rigid hybrid

Rigid Hybrid Key Features:

  • Great commuter bicycles designed with a more upright riding style than a traditional road bicycle

  • Speed and quickness that you want in a street bicycle.

  • Rack and fender mounts that you need to fully load up your ride no matter where you're headed. (With some grocery paniers and trunk bags, your car will become nearly useless as these hybrids offer you all you need to get around town while getting some exercise and fresh air!)

Comfort Hybrid Key Features:

Trek Verve 4 women's comfort hybrid

  • The luxurious cousin of the Rigid Hybrid

  • Features thinner road tires with large diameter, quick rolling wheels. 

  • Front suspension

  • Large cushy seat mounted on a suspension seatpost. 

  • Comfort hybrids allow you the upright, easy going riding style, while also allowing you a delightful and gratifying  cycling experience. 

If you're still unable to decide or uncerain as to which bicycle is best suited for you, come down to the shop and we'll let you take each for a test ride and go over the pros and cons of both models, so that your decision is well educated and based on real experience.

Come down to the shop and meet your new ride today!